Development of enterprise information systems and integration

Mindware implements projects in close co-operation with the customer!
The project is run by Mindware by our project manager in collaboration with the development team. Our development environment in Tallinn is used along with our system methods and project model. A contract including the project details is finalized in accordance with the needs of the customer.
Depending on particular contract, a special project management team may be composed, consisting of both the customer and Mindware representatives. The project manager is responsible for meeting the project requirements and the quality of the software product. The implementation of a software project is based on a project plan, which is created by the project manager in co-operation with the customer. The project plan includes individual plans for the members of the development team in different stages of the project. The plan also includes testing and the conditions and procedures for delivering the product to the customer.
If the project is to be fully implemented by Mindware, a preliminary research is carried out at the customer's premises. After the customer has studied the preliminary research report, negotiations will be held, followed by an offer by Mindware for implementing the project. When the customer approves the offer, a contract for implementing the software project is signed by all parties.

Application maintenance and support

Once the software is developed it needs to be maintained and supported later on. This is the final stage of our development process that helps us to associate in long-terms with the customer and enables better understanding of customer's needs. Although we prefer to maintain and support software that has implemented by us, it is of no importance. We are competent at maintaining and supporting applications developed by other vendors. Our customers are located in Estonia as well as abroad (Germany, Sweden, etc).


Repackaging covers the needs of all business units and allows to distribute software titles to users workstations in an automated manner. Users get access to their files and programs from any workstation in a bank without sacrifice in security. It maximizes administration efforts and allows to build a secure and maintainable network of enterprise scale. Unified approach to software distribution reduces a number of problems, improves platform overall usability and saves time for system administrators.


Offering project/team leaders, software analysts and architects, developers in various areas like J2EE, .NET, SQL etc both in UNIX and Windows environment. Our employees work as members of the customer's project team – as consultants. The customer appoints project manager who is fully responsible for the project. Our programmers and analysts work either at the customer's premises or if it is possible at our office in Tallinn. They use the customer's development tools, methods and technology.

Consulting Technical skills

Development platforms and programming languages:

Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris, Java/J2EE, Oracle, C/C++/C#, Microsoft .NET, Web Services

Application servers:

Weblogic, WebSphere, JBoss, Tomcat


Oracle, Informix, Postgre, MS SQL, MySQL, Sybase ASE