MIND-xQ - Bank Information System


MIND-xQ - Banking Information System project has been subsidized by European Regional Development Fund. The project lasts from 01.04.2010 till 31.03.2012.

The main goal of the project is a core bank information system – Mind-xQ – that covers an entire range of banking activities, including internet and analytical banking.
The advantages of Mind-xQ are as follows:

  • highly flexible architecture enables quick (even on-line) and cost-effective adjustments and changes to the system;

  • advantageous price and low initial investments for implementation and use of the system (suitable also for small and medium sized start-ups);

  • distributed functional modules allow clients to implement the functionalities that are crucial and necessary for particular institution’s current activities (requirements change over time);

  • integrated decision-support system that provides input and support for decision making processes; high capacity and possibility to distribute IT resources among different modules;

  • distributed architecture supports business model of outsourcing different services.