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On 29th of August 2011 the development of Airem's core banking system UNION was taken over by Mindware


Based on that act Mindware has obtained exclusive rights to develop and sell of UNION. Key people of Airem join Mindware and existing and potential customers will be handed over to Mindware. All offers and existing commitments between Airem and it's customers will remain valid under the name of Mindware.

Two companies Mindware and Airem have been developing two similar core banking systems. Joining the forces of these two companies bring value to all parties, especially to the clients who gain best from both systems.

Today Mindware's product portfolio consists of the following products:
- Two core banking systems: Mind-xQ and UNION,
- Leasing System,
- Direct Debit System,
- Central bank's Clearing and Settlement System - ESTA and RTGS (Target),
- Cash Management System for Central Bank,
- State Treasury,
- Portfolio Management,
- Card Personalization,
- PKI.

Peeter Klanberg

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