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Mindwares Banking Information System project has been subsidised by European Regional Development Fund


MIND-xQ - Banking Information System project has been subsidized by European Regional Development Fund. The project lasts from 01.04.2010 till 31.03.2012.

The advancement in technology, especially internet and information technology has led to new ways of doing business in banking. These technologies have cut down time, working simultaneously on different issues and increasing efficiency. The platform where communication technology and information technology are merged to suit core needs of banking is known as Core Banking Solutions. Computer software is developed to perform core operations of banking like recording of transactions, passbook maintenance, interest calculations on loans and deposits, customer records, balance of payments and withdrawal.

The general goal of the product is to achieve increased growth, development and competitiveness of banking sector in Europe, higher efficiency of banking activities and increased formation of new banks (especially small and medium sized) and filial branches.

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